Careington POS

The Careington 500 Series dental plan is NOT the same as the Careington POS plan.  The POS program uses a different dental fee schedule and has different dentists and specialists within the network.  It's still a fine plan!

The Careington POS dental plan is an older version of the Careington 500 Series plan and the discounts are more numerous than those listed in the 500 series fee schedule, BUT the discounts aren't as good as the 500 fee schedule.

It is possible that if you do a search for a dental professional in your area for the 500 series dental plan, there may not be any providers close to you in THAT network - but there MAY be a dentist close to you in the POS network!

Call us toll free at 1-800-515-7401 for assistance in finding a dental provider in our POS network.

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We do NOT "repackage & resell" the dental plan for a larger profit.

We offer a monthly payment plan - not just annually.

Sign up today - go to the dentist today. We don't make you wait 3-4 days